It’s the Colorado way to enjoy the outdoors through the most immersive activities possible, whether it’s on the slopes, on the trails, or among the trees and woods on a camping trip. It’s likewise the Colorado way to enjoy high quality,
sustainably made craft brews, the likes of which Colorado, and Boulder specifically, has become famous for.

Upslope Brewing Company is the purveyor of just this kind of craft beer. From their standard line up, which includes the Brown Ale and Craft Lager, to their limited release selections, like the Oatmeal Stout, Upslope beers are perfectly img_9360suited for filling the refrigerator of a cabin during a ski weekend getaway or to be pulled from your backpack after summiting a 14er or hiking a local peak. With a trio of founders who themselves live and breathe this active, outdoor Colorado lifestyle, Upslope was created to cater to the outgoing, and thirsty, Colorado adventurer.

Matt Cutter, founder of Upslope, was attracted to Colorado largely for its vast ski scene and culture and moved to the state in 1991. Shortly thereafter he began brewing beer at home, and it didn’t take long for him to be inspired by this up-and-coming industry.

“In 1995 we were really discovering craft beer in Boulder and all the potential that it had,” says Cutter. While Cutter’s entrepreneurial aspirations began almost immediately, it wouldn’t be until the summer of 2007 that he revisited his business plans for a potential craft brewery in North Boulder and started to look at the venture as a reality. Joined by fellow Colorado transplants and outdoor and beer enthusiasts Dany Pages and Henry Wood, Cutter and company officially opened Upslope in November of 2008.

The cornerstone and ongoing philosophy that Upslope adheres to is one of high quality, palatable, flavorful products, as well as an emphasis on sustainability.

“Our beer was going to be in cans from the very beginning,” says Cutter. “It was a point of differentiation for us and was right in line for the demographic we have always been going for, the active outdoor craft beer enthusiast.”

According to Cutter, putting craft beer in cans was still a relatively new concept in 2008, but it has given their beer a reputation as being a portable and convenient brew choice, easy to throw into a backpack to enjoy mid-hike or as a celebratory beverage and a much safer option when out in nature than glass bottles. The aluminum cans that Upslope mixbox_basketuses are actually good for the beer itself as well, as canning allows for the beer to be stored in complete darkness and to have an even better seal than capping does on a bottle.

“Craft beer in cans is good for you, good for the beer, and good for the environment,” says Cutter.

One need only to peruse Upslope’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds to see that Coloradoans have fully embraced Upslope and their beers as part of their Rocky Mountain experience, taking their adventurous and environmentally friendly philosophy to heart. Upslope’s feeds are littered with images of Colorado’s outdoor enthusiasts enjoying Upslope brews lakeside next to a campfire, on the slopes after a long day of skiing, perched on a peak or in a meadow while enjoying a Colorado sunset, and much more. Cutter notes that social media has been integral in getting this message of enjoyment and respect of our local outdoors into the community, and photo sharing amongst such a wide audience has led to a collection of snapshots of the quintessential Colorado lifestyle.

With two taprooms in Boulder, from their original brewery on Lee Hill to their main production location at Flatiron Park, Upslope offers tours of their facilities and hosts a variety of events and limited release beer tappings. Throughout 2016, Upslope hopes to double their barrel-aged specialty beers, begin to produce more sours, and continue experimenting with and creating recipes for approachable and delicious beers for their local contingency. With such an outgoing and enticing philosophy, there is no doubt that they will also continue to have a wealth of fun in the process.

Upslope is likewise hosting their 3rd annual Upslope Get Down this Saturday, May 21st, from 1:00 – 10:00 P.M., a free music festival event complete with a wealth of great food trucks, great beer, games, and amazing musical acts. Be sure to stop by!

The next time you’re planning for your snowshoeing, hiking, biking, or camping expedition and foresee a need for refreshing and delicious craft beer along the way, be sure to pick up an Upslope brew to reward yourself for time well spent in Colorado’s great outdoors.

Photo Credit Dustin Hall
Photo Credit: Dustin Hall
Upslope Brewing Company: Beer for the Colorado Way