boulder-breweries-performance-great-american-beer-festivalMedals Awarded to Boulder County Breweries in Great American Beer Festival History

If you are interested in seeing how Boulder’s craft breweries performed in 2016 when compared to previous years (as far back as the competition’s inception in 1983), this post highlights the total medals awarded and how many Boulder brought home. You can see the analysis here.

gabf-newspaper-image2016 Great American Beer Festival Winners From Boulder County Breweries

Looking for a quick reference on which Boulder County Breweries brought a medal back to the Foothills?  Here are the 8 breweries that brought home golds, silvers, and bronze medals to their breweries and taprooms in 2016. You can view the list here.

boulder-beer-flightBeer In Boulder: The Founders Flight

While most flights consist of a selection of craft beers, we’ve chosen to instead give you a flight of breweries themselves. The 8 breweries on this list opened their doors before the year 2000 and are responsible for building the foundation that has made Boulder, Colorado a craft beer destination.  Start your flight of breweries by reading the article here.


Upslope Brewing Company: Beer for the Colorado Way

Colorado is known for a variety of things, namely its great outdoors, its adventurous citizens, and its delicious craft beer. Upslope Brewing Company, founded in 2008, combines all of these activities and principles into their sustainable craft beer philosophy. To read about Upslope’s history and mission, read Beer in Boulder co-founder Lisa’s article here.


A Craft Brewer: An Artist, A Scientist, An Engineer, A Merchant

Becoming a successful brewer requires a depth of knowledge across a variety of fields that make the commercial brewer a uniquely well-rounded professional.  This article shows how the brewer has to blend interests and skills from the worlds of art, science, engineering and business.  Read the article here.

Untitled.001Changing How You Choose Your Beer: Shifting From Brand To Style

When you can’t find a mass market beer anywhere near one of the many craft breweries in Boulder, learning what styles of beer you love will change the way you choose your beer.  If you are new to Boulder or new to craft beer, this article will frame some of the first lessons to learn.  Read the article here.

_MG_6552Earning Your Beer: Fitness & Craft Beer in Boulder County

What better motivation to get active than the promise of a great craft beer at the end of your run or yoga session? Many of Boulder County’s breweries offer fitness-related events, which are great ways to sweat it out and to meet and have fun with new people in the community. Read Beer in Boulder co-founder Lisa’s article with Eat Drink Boulder here! *Photo Credit D’Antonio Photography

Episode 2The Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale

In the second from “brand to style” article, we take a look at the “voluminously hopped” American Pale Ale by Oskar Blues.  If you want something close to an IPA but without the strong bitterness, this is your beer.

Read the article.


It’s About Community: The Genesis of Beer In Boulder

Beer in Boulder was born out of a drive to support the community that has been so welcoming to us.  But support does not stop at only helping local businesses and the local economy.  The benefits of a strong neighborhood go far beyond that.

You can read more about the ties between public safety, national security and Beer in Boulder in this article here!

IMG_5634Holiday Ales & Boulder’s Craft Contributions

Winter and the holiday season bring a wealth of delicious, dark, and warming beers to enjoy while bundled up and combating the cold. For a history of the tradition of holiday ales and some of the selections that Boulder’s breweries contribute, read Beer in Boulder co-founder Lisa’s article published with Eat Drink Boulder here!


Walnut Brewery: A Profile

Walnut Brewery is one of the first places in Boulder that made Pat and Lisa feel like they were at home. Read Beer in Boulder co-founder Lisa’s article with Your Boulder on Walnut Brewery here!



Wild Woods Brewery: A Profile

Wild Woods Brewery is a unique and innovative craft brewery here in Boulder born out of a love for both creative beer and the outdoors. Read Beer in Boulder co-founder Lisa’s article with Eat Drink Boulder on Wild Woods here!



New State, New Home, New Stout, New Start

Patrick and Lisa have come a long way since moving to Boulder in September 2014. From Bud Light to browns and Magners to stouts, read about their story here!


Episode #1The Upslope Craft Lager

As part of an on-going series dedicated to helping new craft beer drinkers choose beers that they will love, this article takes a look at a great place to begin your journey, with Upslope’s Craft Lager.  If you’ve ever asked the question, “Do you have anything close to a Bud Light?” this article is for you. Read the article here.

Boulder Breweries

The Master List of Boulder Breweries:

Here is the complete list of Boulder County breweries, with links to their websites, social media pages, and links to their tap-houses.

View the list.