Who We Are

IMG_5659When Patrick and Lisa first moved to Boulder from New York in 2014, they found themselves asking bartenders at breweries, “What is the closest thing you have to Bud Light?” They were immediately introduced to the wealth and quality of craft beer options in Boulder and, before long, they were completely engrossed in the Boulder craft beer scene. Patrick found himself imbibing in ambers, testing out sours, and warming up to porters, while Lisa did a 180 and discovered a love for the darkest of the dark coffee, chocolate-y, rich, and roasty brown and black lagers and stouts.

From the science behind the creation of beer to the passion and creativity of brewers whose craft beer is their art, Patrick and Lisa are continuously seeking to learn about craft beer in the local area. With the Beer in Boulder website and email list, they aim to educate the community on what Boulder County breweries have to offer through a consolidated list of events and to continue learning about and enjoying Boulder craft beers themselves.